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It was suggested to me that this Doodle be centered around how I personally manage my stress. That’s a pretty tall order but I’ll give it a shot.

I have found that the key to managing stress, as I have experienced it, is to learn ways and techniques of quieting my mind. It’s amazing to me what I hear when I just sit and listen to all the noise and activity around me. Even in the quietest times there is just so much activity and stimulation that we aren’t even conscious of, yet it effects us so profoundly. Try it. Sit out on your front porch at night or maybe listen at the quietest time of your day and be mindful of how peaceful and quiet it really isn’t. It’s important to me to minimize noise and stimulus in order to relax.

So here are a few ideas that others have passed along to me that I use on a pretty regular basis:

  • I practice yoga at least three days a week. While yoga might not be your thing, exercise is a real key to letting go of things.
  • I quit eating sugar (for the most part) ever since I learned how harmful sugar is and how it effect’s my system.
  • Meditation for a minimum of 10 minutes a day, usually right after work. There are all kinds of techniques but Tonglen is my practice of Learning to pause when I impulsively want to react to things that are happening around me has been a huge help.

I’m experimenting with a few different things during my evening time as well. I am turning off my television, phone and all electronic devices after 8pm. I’m using lavender oil and aromatherapy to calm my mind and enhance restful sleep. A lot to take in but the benefits are well worth all the work!!

So kick those suggestions around a bit and maybe give a few of them a try.
Physical, mental and emotional wellness and balance are the keys to my managing my stress.

Shoot me an e-mail and tell me what works for you.