Success Stories

A female consumer who has seizures and utilizes a service dog had difficulty at a local dental office.  The dental hygienist informed consumer saying, "you can't have that dog in here".  The consumer showed the hygienist the dogs ID tag and the card in the consumer's wallet identifying her dog "Ziggy" as a seizure dog.  One dentist then asked what was wrong and stated the same that she could not be there with a dog.  The consumer reported that she went to leave the office and was blocked by the dentist stating that she could not "just walk out of here".  The consumer signed a release and asked the Independent Living Specialist  (ILS) to speak to the manager of the clinic.  The ILS and consumer developed a Self-Advocacy/Self-Empowerment Goal.  The consumer then wrote a letter to the clinic manager and stated her feelings regarding the incident.  The ILS then phoned and spoke to the Dentist and Dental Clinic Manager about the incident.  The Dentist was very receptive to the information' "This is good stuff, we want to know about this and we will take care of it".  There has been no incident since the intervention.

Another Success

K is a 46 year old woman who has Multiple Sclerosis. She has barriers of self care, mobility, employment and vision impairment. K requested services to help her with the goal of "Self Advocacy/Self Empowerment." She said, "I want to learn how to be more independent while remaining in my home." She disclosed she was told that she did not qualify for help because she had worked her entire life and her assets prevented her from qualifying for any state programs. K was given referrals for health maintenance to Umpqua Health Clinic and Vocational Rehab for support of employment. She was also referred to Disability Services to determine eligibility for OHP and assistance for her activities of daily living through a Homecare Worker. The consumer called me to advise she did qualify for OHP and is seeing her Doctor for health maintenance. She now has a Case Manager and a Homecare Worker to help with her Activities of Daily Living (ADL). She disclosed that she is very happy about qualifying for financial help with the hiring of a Home Care Worker. She shared she no longer feels she is a burden to friends.